In response to Word High July the snippet below is inspired by the Filipino word ‘timpi’ or ‘to control one’s self’.

Image taken from Buzzfeed: “36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language”. All credits goes to them.


There were three slices of tuna belly left on the platter Hinata-san ordered, Yuna noticed as she took her seat. In the bustling izakaya endless free-flowing drinks meant long bathroom queues and the sashimi plate hadn’t arrived when Yuna excused herself. Three pieces, when the plate came with ten.

Face arranged in the semblance of a polite smile, Yuna took a single slice and dipped it in the accompanying sauce. The soft fish melted pleasingly on her tongue but was far from the most delicious tuna she’d eaten. This particular izakaya was not famed for the quality of the food it served but Yuna was not surprised Hinata-san suggested it for their date; it was cheap.

“The signal is very exciting news, my brother has already received investment enquiries for his department at the university,” Hinata-san said.

His voice was raised a little louder than Yuna considered to be polite, even when accounting for the noise of surrounding tables, but her smile never slipped. Meaningless small talk had become something of a specialty over the past months. It filled the eternal rift of silence that might otherwise dominate their dates and Yuna had become very skilled in the activity.

“How lucky, I think sciences will become very popular in future. I feel a little sad that I am too old to be a student,” she replied, then paused.

Hinata-san was taking another piece of tuna. The pale flesh already grasped tightly between his chopsticks as his mouth stretched impossibly wide. Yuna felt her fingers twitch and tucked them in her lap as he swallowed it whole.

The future of the entire human race was changing and it seemed an appropriate time for Yuna to change her future too. She would start with Hinata-san.


10 thoughts on “Timpi

  1. Great piece. I like that you’re taking this in directions other than the cliché over the top excitement and hell loose. A very natural seeming conversation, which at the same time touched on the subject!

    Liked by 1 person

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